List of plants found on Mount Everest

plants found on Mount Everest - Mount Everest flora and fauna
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List of plants found on Mount Everest region the Himalayas

There are different kinds of plants found in lower elevation of Everest trekking region list of plants on Mount Everest given below. Major plants that are found including birch, juniper, blue pines, firs, bamboo, wild rose, rhododendron, and hemlock etc. beside that there different types high altitude mushroom and herbal plants also found in Everest base camp trek route. Most of the plants grow and bloom in monsoon on the months of June, July and August, the hills become green. Dense Pine Forest on Everest base camp trail Dense pine forest below the Namche bazaar and Tengboche on the way to Everest base camp trek is an amazing.tree line in Mount Everest region
See the tree line in Mount Everest region in given picture.
What kind of plants grow on Mount Everest?
It is important to know what types of plants live in Mount Everest and how do they cope with the environment? Can we grow crops on Mount Everest? Sagarmatha is the highest national park in the world. Harsh weather conditions makes everything is frozen in this way plants cannot cope with the environment. 5750 meters above sea level is the tree line of Mount Everest region of the Himalayas. Trees or plants are stop to grow above the tree line, it is defined as the plant which can no longer stay and sustain in the climate because of the lack of oxygen.
See the moss found in Everest base camp trekking route Nepal side.moss found in Everest base camp trekking route Nepal
The plants which are in Mount Everest are unique which can match the climate conditions of the place. The park area is steep and rugged as well and it is terrain cut by deep rivers and glaciers. The area is plain and the park is divided into zones. The climatic zones include the forested zone, alpine zone and upper alpine zone. The types of plants which can survive depend on the altitude. Usually you will be able to find the Flowers in Everest base camp trek - flowering plants of Mount Everest region Nepalplants in the lower forested zone. Above this level all the vegetation’s are found in the shrubs and the dwarfs. With the increase in the altitude the plant life restricted to the mosses and the lichens.
Here are the flowering plants of Mount Everest region Nepal
The lower zone of the Mount Everest has many of the plants. Now you are clear about the vegetation in Everest base camp area. Given list of Plants found on Mount Everest. If you are interested to explore the plants of Everest, would like to go to Everest base camp and Kalapatthar let us to know. We are here to organize meaningful Nature observation trip to Everest base camp Nepal.