How long is the hike to Everest base camp

Everest base camp trek distance - How long is the hike to Everest base camp
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How long is the hike to Everest base camp Nepal and Tibet

Come let’s enhance your knowledge regarding the Everest base camp elevations and walking distances. It gets interesting for you while you visit Everest base camp trekking area. A beforehand enhancement would make you good at it, and you can easily reach your destination faster. Now let’s see what makes Everest base camp so interesting. Today trekking to the Everest base camp has been a dream for all trekkers. Certainly, this happens just for its breathtaking scenarios and the beauty of nature. Thus come have a glance at How long does it take to get to base camp! For average trekkers it is 12 days walking distance all together go and come back. Usually trekkers have to walk 5 to 7 hrs a day.
How long it takes to reach Everest base camp Nepal?
There are many ways and duration to reach the base camp. If you start from jiri to EBC it takes 21 days to complete Everest base camp trip. Lukla to Everest base camp trek takes 7 to 8 days to reach base camp and 3 to 4 days to come back to Lukla. Another option Salleri or Phaplu to Everest base camp takes 17 to 17 days drive in fly out. These options are available from Nepal side to discover the south side base camp of Mount Everest Nepal. South East Ridge is the most popular climbing route of Mount Everest also. In this way Nepal side Everest base camp trek also very popular between hikers from around the world.
How long it takes to reach Everest base camp Tibet?
Another option to reach the base camp of Everest is from Tibet China. North base camp of this peak is located in Tibet. It is possible to go to EBC Tibet from Kathmandu by drive. It takes minimum 5 to 6 days including acclimatization days. The best faster way to reach would include reaching the Lhasa at first and then slowly moving ahead from there to North Everest base camp. It might be summarized into 5 to 7 days time period for people to reach base camps. A wide group of glaciers, Lakes, passes and peaks come across the way. Thus how long is the hike to Everest base camp has been answered here!
Everest base camp trek duration depends on which route you prefer to go to Everest base camp. Most popular and world famous route is Nepal Everest base camp via Lukla and Namche bazaar. If you would like to follow the footsteps of legendary Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay then you can start from Jiri. If you don’t like to fly to Lukla then you drive to salleri from Kathmandu or flight to Phaplu then go to Everest base camp. To minimizing the risks of altitude sickness spend few more nights about 3500 meters to 3000 meters. So you should travel suitably through these ways to reach the camp on time. Now you are clear how long is the hike to Everest base camp Nepal The himalayas, if you interested to visit Everest base camp then write us. We are local adventure travel agency Kathmandu Nepal organize Everest base camp trek as per your demand.